Coral Calcium Information by Bob Barefoot


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  1. All correspondence and actions take by the FDA or FTC against Mr. Barefoot will be posted on this web site for all America to see.
  2. All Bob Barefoot infomercial television and radio air times will be posted on this web site.
  3. The FDA, which refuses to endorse any of God’s food, vitamin or minerals, automatically, in the end, approves every drug even though that they have evidence that the drug could be harmful to health. Every year hundreds of thousands of Americans are killed by drugs while no American ever died from God’s food. When it becomes obvious or when a whistle blower exposes the FDA, the FDA removes drugs from the marketplace. Every American is aware that in 2005 the FDA pulled the popular cholesterol drug, Vioxx from the market after it had reportedly killed thousands. However, every year the FDA pulls dozens of drugs from the market quietly without any fan fare. The results are horrifying. Pick a year, any year, and you will share the horror. Let’s take the year 2000 for example. The following drugs were only some of the drugs pulled from the market by the FDA or voluntarily by their makers:Lotronex, an irritable bowel syndrome drug, approved in February and withdrawn in November for causing deadly intestinal side effects,Propulsid, a heartburn drug approved in 1993 and banned from pharmacies this summer, Rezulin, a diabetes drug approved in 1997 and banned this spring after causing deadly liver failure and after earning its maker 1.8 billion dollars, Trovan, an antibiotic approved in 1998 and recently banned after causing liver failure, Rotashield, a vaccine for severe childhood diarrhea approved in 1998 and recently banned after causing bowel obstruction, Posocor, a blood pressure medicine approved in 1997 and recently banned because it caused potentially deadly interactions with 25 other medicines, Duract, an anti-inflamatory painkiller approved in 1996 and recently banned for causing liver damage, Seldane, an antihistamine approved in 1985 and recently banned because it cuased deadly interactions with numerous other medications, and Raxar, an antibiotic approved in 1997 and recently pulled off the market for causing irregular heartbeats. The question thus becomes
  4. About $19 billion is spent annually by the drug companies for marketing to doctors. Tens of thousands of representatives descend on doctors’ offices every day. Patients in doctors’ waiting rooms are often outnumbered by drug reps (typically young, female and attractive). They not only provide gifts, dinners and seminars, but also leave behind carefully selected studies that support the use of their drugs, while hiding the studies that are negative. The drug companies also underwrite a large percentage of continuing education courses for doctors. Worse, many academic institutions have become dependent on drug industry money and have entered into partnerships to set up research centers in which students and faculty members essentially carry out drug industry research. Also, when the FDA convenes medical advisory committees to discuss problems involving medications, they are always outnumbered by drug industry experts with 90 percent of the experts having financial arrangements with the drug industry. In other words, the medical profession and the FDA have become a “Culture of Corruption.”
  5. The June 2000 edition of the Readers Digest had an article entitled, “How your Hospital Could Kill You” where it concluded that “Each year 120,000 patients die because of medical error”. Also, according to a report in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 106,000 people die each year in American hospitals from medication side effects”. Thus doctors and their drug industry masters kill a quarter of a million people each year in our hospitals. That’s over three times as many people killed as was killed in Vietnam. Compounding this horror, over 75,000 people are killed every year from anesthetics, and hundreds of thousands are killed by other drugs.


  7. For every penny that the drug industry spends to make a drug, the average cost to the consumer is $8.00. Therefore an expenditure of a mere $0.30 by the drug industry translates into an FDA approved drug costing $240.00. This is not price gouging. This is a crime against America. Please join Mr. Barefoot’s efforts to save our children from these criminals by using nutrition to eradicate disease today. Let’s Cure America.


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