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I’m Sick – I Need Help


I'm Sick - I Need Help

If the purpose that you have reached this web site is because you are sick, the endorsements provided in this site will bring you both comfort and hope.
It is the position of Robert Barefoot that “the body can cure itself” of all disease if the proper nutrients are provided. This opinion is based on over 30 years of scientific research with medical doctors and scientists as well as personally witnessing the cures of over thousands, many of whom had terminal and incurable diseases. It is also based on the fact that although disease in America is escalating at a horrific rate.
There are cultures all over the world, millions of people, who rarely have any of our killer diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. The common denominator is that they all eat differently from us, and that the quality and quantity of the nutrients they consume, are simply not in our diet. This means that in order to cure ourselves, we must either move in with these people, or we must take supplements.
If you are sick, I implore you to read “The Calcium Factor,” “Death By Diet” and “Let’s Cure Humanity. Also, inexpensive health test kits, audiotapes, and an audio version of the book “The Calcium Factor” can be purchased from 800-210-1268. Most of your questions will be answered, but not all.

As you are aware, the AMA, the FTC and the FDA take a dim view to anyone claiming to “cure” anything. Therefore, I am not claiming to cure anything and I have never claimed to cure anyone. On the other hand, because I have seen so many people “cure themselves,” I do believe that THE BODY HAS THE ABILITY TO CURE ITSELF.” 

Despite this, as you can see from my “Can Calcium Cure Cancer” page, that the New England Journal of Medicine (which are the FDA’s and AMA’s own magazines) along with the Reader’s Digest and the US World News Report are all concluding that cancer and a host of other diseases can be, although they never use the word, “cured. Instead they report that the cancer cells “grow to normal.” On the other hand they do state that cancer can both be reversed and prevented with calcium supplements. Unfortunately, most doctors have not read their own journals and are unaware of these latest findings by their peers. Thus times are changing and in the future you will be hearing the “cure” word even more.

But for now, if you are sick, you want to hear the “cure” word NOW! So, the bottom line is that the human body, designed by God, has the ability to cure itself if you give it the nutrients it requires. I have spent the past 30 years directing the sick towards the best nutrients. I personally sell nothing, except books, nor do I charge for my services.  My goal is to “cure America”, to prevent my family, my children and my grandchildren from ever having to endure the horror and pain of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. 

Although almost all degenerative diseases can be prevented and cured nutritionally by the body itself, if given enough time, people are always asking, “What can I do if I am terminal?” A terminal cancer patient, for example, may be cured over a 6-month period by consuming the proper nutrients (for example the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that “when the participants consumption of calcium-rich dairy products was doubled, reaching 1200 milligrams per day, cancer cell growth became normal”). 

But what if the patient has only 3 weeks to live? This situation requires a more potent nutrient treatment such as cesium chloride, for example.

Cesium chloride was first used by Dr. Sartori and Dr Brewer who treated 50 terminal cancer patients with less than 24 hours to live, and cured over half of them. Those that did die were biopsied as benign.

Cesium chloride is a natural salt, and wherever it is found, cancer does not exist. This is because cesium is the most caustic mineral that exists. When it enters the body, it seeks out all of the acidic cancer hot spots, dousing the fire of cancer with oxygen, thereby terminating the cancer within days.

Then, when dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is rubbed near a painful cancer, the pain is removed and the DMSO causes the cesium to penetrate the cancer tumor much faster, thereby terminating the cancer much faster. It should be noted that DMSO is an approved drug in 125 countries around the world and 600 million people have used it therapeutically.

Larger doses of vitamin-D will cause the body to alkalize faster bringing a speedy end to the cancer.

Otto Warburg’s oxygen respiration enzyme formula has not only resulted in Warburg winning two Nobel prizes in medicine, but it has also been proven to be effective against cancer by those who have used it.

Dr. Karl Folker discovered CoQ10 in the 1960’s while working for the giant pharmaceutical company Merck. He found it to eliminate cancer tumors in the breast, lung and stomach, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, March 30, 1994. Thus, even though it was found by Merck to be effective against cancer, because it has a natural source and cannot be patented, Merck therefore dropped its best cancer drug, CoQ10, a drug that could have helped millions, because there was no money in it for them.

Finally, gold metal absorbed by the body has also been found recovering from cancer.

The following program has worked for some with cancer:

  • Consume 3 grams of cesium chloride each day (squeeze eyedropper twice into juice, three times each day), until all 100 grams have been consumed (about 30 days).

  • Consume 100 milligrams of CoQ10 each day. Consume 3 capsules Dr. Warburg’s formulation each day (or exact equivalent).

  • Consume 6 Coral Calcium each day (2 in morning, 2 at noon and 2 at night)

  • Apply DMSO gel to skin nearest the cancer (or nearest to pain) twice a day.

  • Apply gold gel to skin nearest the cancer once each day.

  • Consume 6 Vitamin-D tablets each day, 2 in morning, 2 in afternoon and 2 at night, for the duration of the program (60 days) and continue after the program.

  • Eat two bananas, and/or two large potatoes and/or two large pieces of water melon, two glasses of milk or two glasses of orange juice and eat raisons, tomatoes, spinach or broccoli every day (all contain lots of potassium, magnesium and calcium).

  • Expose your skin and face to at least two hours of sunshine every day with no skin block and no glasses (allows for the production of inisotol triphosphate, calcitonin and vitamin-D to help regulate crucial minerals such as calcium: sun exposure is mandatory).

Important Note:

  1. This program will help to alkalize the body’s fluids, resulting in the toxins, which are adhered to the cell surface, detaching themselves and entering the blood. The body will recognize the toxins as foreign invaders and respond by attacking them possibly causing flu-like symptoms like headaches, stomach aches and diarrhea. This is called “detoxing” and it means that the body is ridding itself of cancer inducing compounds.
  2. After the cesium has been consumed (33 days) the cancer will be benign (only a biopsy can prove this). Continue taking all of the other nutrients except for the DMSO, which should only be used for pain control.



The FDA has not approved the above recommended program which uses God’s nutrients instead of drugs. They also have not approved any claims on calcium and disease even though thousands of the world’s best scientists have published the results. >>> (Click here to see hundreds of examples listed) <<<The FDA historically is busy approving drugs, many of which prove to be toxic, and rarely has time to look at food, God’s nutrients. Therefore, there can be no doubt that one day the FDA will finally approve both the numerous calcium health claims and therefore, also the above recommended program.