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The Calcium Factor

The Calcium Factor - The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth
The Calcium Factor - The Scientific Secret of Health and Youthby Robert R. Barefoot & Carl Reich, M.D.

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the calcium factor

“The Calcium Factor” TABLE OF CONTENTS


  1. Scientific and Medical Trends in History
  2. Health and Ionized Calcium
  3. Quotable Quotes
  4. Summary of Scientific Research
  5. The Chemistry of Calcium
  6. Calcium and Digestion
  7. The Calcium Cycle
  8. Calcium and Cancer
  9. Calcium and Heart Disease
  10. Calcium and Carl Reich
  11. Calcium and Saliva pH
  12. Calcium and Electromagnetism
  13. Medical Misinformation
  14. Recipes of Good Health
  15. Calcium and Allergy
  16. Can Calcium Cure Cancer?
  17. Questions and Answers
  18. Summary




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“The Calcium Factor”


“Most of the people who give coral calcium itself a bad review have never bothered to try it. I know many people who laugh at me for taking this stuff even though i’ve tried to get it though their thick heads that it really has helped me tremendously. They would rather spend huge amounts of money at the pharmacy and waste hours at the doctor’s office for antibiotcs that don’t work well and only cause more problems and they have the nerve to laugh at me. HA! I bet most of the people who reveiwed this book and called Mr. Barefoot names and claimed calcium doesn’t work is probably either a doctor or pharmaceutical rep who’s afraid of losing business.Whatever the reason for the negativity these reveiwers do a disservice to those who have tried the coral and are IRREFUTABLE PROOF that it works and they do an an even greater injury to those who won’t try because of your uninformed reviews. People aren’t stupid and they don’t need the naysayers’ bad advice.TRY the calcium first if you don’t see results then quit taking it.”


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