Coral Calcium Information by Bob Barefoot

Death by Diet

Death by Diet
Death by Dieet
death by diet

Death by Diet


  1. In the Beginning
  2. Science and Medicine in the Nineteenth Century
  3. Science and Medicine in the Twentieth Century
  4. The Dilemma of Modern Medicine
  5. The Food and Drug Administration
  6. The Vitamin Argument
  7. The Mineral Argument
  8. The Body’s Fluids
  9. The Body’s Nutrients
  10. The Human Cell
  11. Cholesterol
  12. The Calcium Factor
  13. The Earth Nutrient
  14. The Magic Mushroom
  15. Recipes for Health
  16. Carl J. Reich, M.D.
  17. The Final Chapter in Medicine






Death by Diet was written by popular request as a sequel to, and includes many excerpts from The Calcium Factor. It was written to inform that: mineral and vitamin deficiency is the main cause of degenerative disease; to explain that a medical freedom amendment to the Constitution will be necessary to change the current restrictive, disease dependent system; and to suggest to politicians that the promotion of preventive medicine could dramatically reduce the deficit while making the voters both happy and healthy.