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Reviews and Endorsements Bob Barefoot presents the opinions of prominent Americans. It includes a Congressman, a lawyer, several medical doctors, the CEO’s of major corporations, the leaders of industry, as well as others.  The purpose is to present the views of very credible people, although personally, the passionate views of the humble housewife can bring the author to tears.

Letters of Support Congress Responds to the FDA cover-up of cures for disease, Dr Laibow Pleads for Medical Freedom, Bill Tate, African American leader urges Blacks to join Barefoot’s dream, Liska Cooper MD and Black Community leader supports Barefoot’s goals and a letter from the Urban League supporting Barefoot’s efforts.

Dr. Barrett and the Quackwatchers Dr. Barrett, a man without a medical licence and a man who has been declared by the courts as “biased and beyond any credibility” uses his bad reputation to give Bob Barefoot all the bad press he can get. His scientific expert is a professional ear piercer with no scientific credentials. Barrett, who has declared war on Robert Barefoot, represents “Quack Watchers” which is appropriate as they are all “Quacks”, only capable of watching and not participating, who are interfering with legitimate medical research. History has taught us that all of the most advanced and famous medical practitioners, including Dr. Semmelweis, Louis Pasteur, and Joseph Lister, were all once considered to be quacks by their medical peers who now honor these men. It is therefore an honor that Barrett and company consider that Bob Barefoot is in a league with these great men.

Scientific Quotations About 100 scientific quotes from the cream of the crop of medical research are given on calcium’s pivotal role in numerous diseases, such as cancer, high blood pressure, kidney stones, broken bones and premenstrual syndrome.

The FTC Versus Barefoot On June 10, 2003 the FTC served a temporary injunction on Mr. Barefoot preventing him from making 6 health claims, none of which he actually made. The FTC ceased his assets and cost him millions of dollars. Without funds to defend himself, even though innocent, Robert Barefoot was forced to plead guilty, which most find to be totally un-American.

Can Calcium Cure Cancer ? Gives an explanation of why calcium is the missing factor in human health, and why with simple calcium supplements “most diseases can be prevented”.

Cure America Proves that eliminating degenerative disease is real. Proof from the scientific medical research community is provided.

I’m Sick, I Need Help Gives recipes known to terminate cancer, along with phone numbers to get help.  If you are sick, currently suffering from a degenerative disease, reading this page is a must.

If It Glitters:  The Story of Gold Demonstrates the credibility of the author.  Robert Barefoot is not only recognized worldwide as anexpert in the field of nutrition and disease, but is also recognized by major leaders of industry as a world-renowned expert on gold.

Medical Freedom Gives a different “Medical Freedom” vignette each month. It is hoped that, after reading dozens of vignettes, the public will join the chorus, protesting the coalition between the FDA, the AMA and the drug industry; who are responsible for so much death and disease.

Drug Industry Owns Congress, FDA, FTC, and AMA Articles from the USA Today complaining about Congressional perks given to Congressmen by the drug industry, President Clintons fight against drug industry price gouging, the Public Citizens complaint about the 623 lobbyists in 2001, currently 1274 in 2006, who by sheer numbers control both the Senate and Congress, The USA Today article on “FDA Advisors Tied to Drug Industry and newspaper stories monitoring the drug industry’s attempt to control nutrition.

Letters of Support Two letters about a Congresswoman and a Congressman creating Bill H.R. 4282 (11/09/05) to protect Americans from Drug Industry profits while championing health freedom, a letter from Dr Laibow complaining that Codex could remove our freedom of health, and three letters from Black Community leaders, Liska Cooper, Bill Tate, and the Urban league.

Infomercials This is a web page that will give monthly updates on the timing and locations for all of all of Barefoot’s infomercials, commercials and radio shows, and for health shows that he is attending.



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